BETAMIX Adhesion Barrier Gel

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Betamix Adhesion Barrier Gel
Betamix is a clear, single use flowable gel that’s used during different surgeries to help prevent adhesions, or internal scar tissue. Betamix acts as a temporary, protective barrier to separate tissues and reduce fibrosis and the formation of post-surgical adhesions.

Betamix is made up absorbable polymers which occurs naturally in the body and used in pharmaceuticals.Once the gel is placed inside the body and protects against adhesions.

Betamix is non-pyrogenic and contains no animal components. No color additives are used in gel.

Abdominal Adhesion
Spinal Adhesion
Tendon Adhesion


Ordering Information
Code Volume
ABG01 1 ml
ABG02 2 ml
ABG03 3 ml
ABG05 5 ml
ABG10 10 ml
ABG15 15 ml
ABG20 20 ml