• Absorbable Powder Hemostat

The new generation of topical absorbable hemostats, Oxicel Powder, has been developed to control persistent oozing bleeding on large surfaces. The particles of Oxicel Powder are biocompatible, non-pyrogenic and derived from purified plant starch, there are no human or animal materials.


Immediate Hemostasis

Absorption within hours

Oxicel Powder upon contact with blood, initiates the clotting process. Blood solids such as platelets, red blood cells and blood proteins are concentrated in  powder particles to create a gelled matrix.The normal clotting mechanism is improved, regardless of the coagulation status of the patient, by creating a barrier to further blood loss.Oxicel Powder absorbed within 24–48 hours.


Proven protection and effectiveness in a range of surgical areas and types of procedures

• General surgery

• Gynecological

• Urology

• Cardiac and vascular surgery

• Neurosurgery

• Traumatology

• Orthopedic surgery

• Plastic surgery

• ENT surgery



• 100% plant-based polysaccharides

• Naturally Safe

• Biocompatible

• Absorbable in 24-48 hours



• No additional prep time necessary

• No special storage conditions required

• No mixing or refrigeration

• Easy to use applicators



• Complete hemostasis in minutes

• Ensure wide area coverage on rough surfaces and in areas hard to reach

• Cost Effective


Delivery System

Applying Oxicel Powder correctly and directly is quick and easy with the spray applicator. A light, plastic device with a long, flexible tube is featured in the distribution system. Extended reach applicator tips from Oxicel Powder Applicators provide accurate and precise delivery of Oxicel Powder hemostatic powder from a simple, single-use device.