BETAMIX POP4 Four-Armed Mesh

  • Description

Providing unique solution for pelvic floor prolapse repair
Betamix POP4 delivers all the performance benefits of natural tissue together with the porosity of synthetic mesh in a single implant for use in pelvic floor reconstruction. It is a natural, long-term implant that provides effective repair in pelvic reconstruction.

Betamix Pelvic Floor Repair Systems are indicated for tissue reinforcement and long lasting stabilization of fascial structures of the pelvic floor in vaginal wall prolapse where surgical treatment is intended, either as mechanical support or bridging material for the fascial defect.

Improved mesh design
Mesh has four fixation points, two prepubic anchoring arms and two transobturator arms. Macro holes in the central area of the mesh promote better tissue integration.

Specially designed for treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
Knitted Polypropylene Monofilament
4 positionable arms
Transobturator, anterior and posterior
Anterior and trans-sacrosciatic
Pre-cut shape perfectly adapted to patient’s anatomy